• What Is Mayan Astrology?

    In general, Mayan astrology is known as a variation of Mesoamerican astrology – one of the most forward-thinking types of astrology. The Mayan Calendar or Tzolkin consists of 20 day-signs and 13 Galactic Numbers that make the 260-day calendar year. Of course, one Mayan day sign will reflect somehow his/her personality traits.

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    Background of Mayan Astrology

    The calendars of the Mayan cultures have been believed to integrate into our planetary consciousness via different media sources. Interestingly, one of these Mayan calendars that have the end day of 21st December, 2012 has been the subject of various theories as regarding what it prophesies.

    The Tzolkin, signifying “count of days”, was generally adapted through the Maya from the earlier Aztec, Olmec and Toltec cultures of Mesoamerica. At that time, the Maya made use of their own names for the twenty astrology signs which consist of this calendar. Once a kid is born to today’s Maya, his parents may know what his personality traits and nature can come from the astrology sign as well as the accompanying number. In fact, these two great components may be said to be similar to the Moon and the Sun signs of Western or Gregorian astrology.

    Mayan Astrology – The 20 Day Signs

    The 20 day-signs are considered as the main key to almost all Mesoamerican symbolism. Yes, their wonderful qualities can be projected to other kinds of measurements, like the Zodiac signs in Western astrology. The following are their names and exciting meanings:

    What Is Mayan Astrology?
    • Crocodile: Energetic and Dynamic. Sensitive and Private. Protective and Dominating in the parental way.
    • Wind: Idealistic and Romantic. Communicative, Agile, Clever, Mental and Multifaceted. Fashion conscious or artistic.
    • House: Powerful, Organized, Logical, Reliable, Thoughtful, Deep and Conservative. Good Introspective and Endurance.
    • Lizard: Fond of Leadership and Performance. Influential and interested in high standards. Dynamic, Active and Sexual.
    • Serpent: Extremist, Strong-willed, Charismatic and Powerful. Possess the strong emotions or personal powers that influence others deeply.
    • Death: Materialistic, Security conscious, Helpful and Sacrificing. Interest and concern for some kinds of the community and politics.
    • Deer: Cooperative, Peaceful, Generous, Inspiring and Artistic. Contradictory: Outspoken, Nomadic, and Individualistic, but needs companionship.
    • Rabbit: Nervous, Busy, Energetic, Playful and Clever. Intelligent, yet somewhat Paranoid. Prefer to Fight.
    • Water: Imaginative, Emotional, Fantasy Prone and Psychic Romantic. Dominate others easily through projecting the strong emotions.
    • Dog: Consistent, Cooperative, Helpful and Loyal. Not only the Good Team Player and Joiner, but also the good leader. Really in need of much variety in life.
    • Monkey: Artistic, Attention Getting, Demonstrative and Clever. Communicative and highly Curious. Multiple Interests.
    • Grass: Careful, Courteous, Useful and Relaxed. Also Easily Hurt, Touchy and Sensitive. Ambitious and Hard-Working.
    • Reed: Knowledgeable, Popular, Competent and Accomplished. Take On Challenges. A Fighter for Principles, and a Crusader.
    • Ocelot: Sensitive, Secretive, Psychic and Intelligent. Concerned with Spirituality or Religion. Aggressive yet stay away from direct confrontations.
    • Eagle: Ambitious, Escapist and Independent. Technically Inclined, Scientific, Exacting and Critical. Have the unique ideas about life.
    • Vulture: Wise, Deep, Serious, Pragmatic and Realistic. Status Conscious and Hardened to Life. At times, dominated by others. Possess the high standards.
    • Earthquake: Rationalizing, Clever, Mentally Active and Practical. Often Progressive and Liberal. Strong Convictions. Usually Controversial.
    • Knife: Practical, Well-Coordinated and Mechanically Inclined. Social, yet Struggles in the close relationships. Self-Sacrificing and Compromising, but Suppresses Anger.
    • Rain: Restless, Youthful, Helpful and Friendly. A talented Learner and Teacher, Multi-Faceted. Drawn to Religion or Philosophy. Concern for Purification and Healing.
    • Flower: Devoted, Loving, Artistic, Romantic and Dreamy. Stubborn and Uncompromising. Socially Awkward yet Well-Intentioned.

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