• What Is Tarot Card Reading?

    Tarot cards is known as a deck of all 78 cards that split into 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Truly, there are several debates on the origin of these cards. Some have believed that the greatly psychical deck had its origin in Northern Italy during the 15th century while others have supposed that these cards came from Western Europe during the medieval time. Furthermore, there have been still those who have claimed that Tarot cards originated in ancient Egypt. Nevertheless, these cards which appear today come from Italy.

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    What Is Tarot Card Reading?

    Regardless of its origin, their interpretations and meanings have been quite consistent over the years. In general, people have a tendency to use Tarot cards for finding advice and guidance on their troubles. These days, there will be many varied types of the cards applied by the Tarot readers.

    How many cards can make a Tarot set?

    In the olden time, Tarot cards were often used for games only. However, these days, they have been utilized for divination and meditation. Normally, these powerful cards will be applied as a tool for self-improvement, problem-solving and playing card games. Of course, each card will have different pictures and symbols. A set of 22 cards called the Major Arcana will make the standard Tarot. Besides, a set of 56 cards known as Minor Arcana will be divided into 4 suits. Each suit will have 14 cards.

    Some common types of Tarot cards

    In the West, this deck will be availed for Fortune Telling purpose. Here is a list of some popular Tarot cards:

    • The Benedetti Tarot cards: To be inspired by the Visconti Tarot deck, these cards have been designed as the deck painted on gold leaves. The sets of cards will be applied by the readers who desire to add a bit of casual elegance to their Tarot readings.
    • The Cat People Tarot cards: In general, these cards will be utilized by some so-called Fortune Tellers who specialize in reading the human’s mind. It is often said that The Cat People Tarot cards can allow the readers to see any distant place, relating to the questions of the clients. These sets will feature the cat friendship and their mystical power.
    • he Ator Tarot cards: To be considered as the representation of the Rider Waite Tarot cards, these cards will display adorable and beautiful characters which make them become the common choices of readers.
    • The Curious Tarot cards: These decks are described as the modern Tarot deck because of their unusual features. Basically, the characters drawn on them are apt to be extremely weird and eerie.
    • The Colman Smith Tarot cards: To be known as the modern version the of the Rider Waite Tarot cards, these cards often possess Tarot drawings and original psychedelic colors.
    • The Marseilles Tarot cards: : Interestingly, these sets will be availed for meditation and fortune telling. In fact, they have its origin in the 18th century, and they are older than the Rider Waite Tarot cards.
    • The Golden Tarot cards: These cards tend to be applied by the great thinkers. Despite the modern cards, they have the touches of ancient rendition for divination.
    • The International Icon Tarot: Actually, these cards are considered as one of the common Tarot cards widely used by the Psychic readers.
    • The Phoenix Tarot cards: To be created in the 20th century, the elegant and vibrant colors of these cards often make them become one of the nice and impressive sets of cards.

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