• How Tarot Card Works?

    Tarot cards are known as a deck of 78 cards with different symbols and pictures depicted on them. While some of us have a tendency to use these cards to play the game of cards, others like to utilize them for divination. These days, Tarot card readings have been more popular all over the world.

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    Are Tarot cards the magical, intuitive or mystical tools?

    In general, we will see Tarot card readings as the Fortune Telling tools in some movies and books. In fact, these cards are often availed to inspire the mind and intuition. According to those who practiced Tarot cards, all things people need to shape their destiny often lie within them, and all they must to find their paths are keys or tools. For these practitioners, Tarot cards will be one of the powerful tools to help humans.

    How Tarot Card Works?

    Reading Tarot cards is reading everyone, their personality traits and their behaviors under some certain conditions. In some particular cases, people prefer to visit Tarot readers for guidance and consultation. Although these cards not reveal what will happen in our future, they will give us some valuable advice on our troubles.

    A detailed look of a deck of Tarot cards

    A deck of Tarot cards consists of all 78 cards. Major Arcana will include cards numbered from 0 to 21. Normally, the cards of Major Arcana can disclose some mysteries and secrets. They symbolize the major lessons that will take place in our lifetime. Besides, 56 cards left are called Minor Arcana split up 4 suits. The suits will be Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands. Depending upon the style of the deck, different names of the suits can be availed. In the Voyager Tarot, for instance, the suits will be Cups, Crystals, Worlds and Wands.

    How do Tarot cards work?

    With many different Tarot decks, there will be also various layouts for Tarot readings. Of course, all cards will possess different meanings and interpretations. Here are the general significances of the 4 suits in traditional Tarot decks:

    • The suit of Cups will be relevant to the matters of love, relationships, feelings and emotions.
    • The suit of Pentacles will be relevant to the matters of work, money, career and material issues.
    • The suit of Swords will be relevant to the matters of aggression, intellect and social interactions.
    • The suit of Wands will be relevant to the personal matters, growth and physical energy.

    There will be various layouts for interpreting the cards’ meanings. A reader will shuffle cards, and then spread them over the table in a certain layout. A seeker will be suggested to pick out one, and a reader’s role is to explain this card’s significance. For the beginners, one of the simple readings is to shuffle Tarot cards, and then place them as the pile face down. When thinking about the concerns or questions, we are able to turn the top card over. Don’t forget to look up its meaning and consider how this meaning is related to our concerns.

    The interpretations of these cards will vary from readers to readers. Basically, a talented and professional reader will use her own style to give us the cards’ meanings. While some readers enable Tarot cards to guide them, others like to use their intuition gift to perceive these cards. Truly, each reader will take advantage of different set of cards that aid in the in-depth and strong interpretation.

    Not all of the readers specialize in the same area. Some readers will be good at reading some aspects of love and relationships while others are expert in the fields of career and work. The half-moon and Celtic cross spread are commonly applied by some master readers.

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