• Vedic Astrology Horoscope – Know Your Vedic Moon Sign

    It is informed that Western Astrology (also termed as Tropical Astrology) measures the relationship of the Sun and the Earth. It primarily studies the Sun signs. Differently, Vedic Astrology (also known as Indian or Hindu Astrology) concerns itself with the strong interest in the stars.

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    Vedic Astrology Horoscope, Know Your Vedic Moon Sign

    Originated in the ancient India and documented in the Vedic scriptures, Vedic Horoscope was also named as “Jyotish”, the science of light, which examined the connection between the astral light patterns and our destined fortune in order to characterize and foretell the courses of life events.

    Vedic Astrology, A Glance At Its Horoscope

    Under the light of the Indian method of divination, Horoscope is the prediction of the upcoming events that may happen to a person’s life based on the position of stars when he or she was born.

    In that sense, every individual is born with the specific stylized map of the heavens. Such the map specifies their personal natures and future prospects according to the definite location at the particular moment.

    Dating back to 5000 – 8000 years ago, Vedic Astrology was documented in the ancient spiritual texts of the Hindus – Vedas. Its Horoscope at that time consisted of the 12 Rasis with their Sanskrit names and English names as follows.

    1. Mesha—Aries
    2. Vrishabha—Taurus
    3. Mithuna—Gemini
    4. Karka—Cancer
    5. Simha—Leo
    6. anya—Virgo
    7. Tula—Libra
    8. Vrishchika—Scorpio
    9. Dhanu—Sagittarius
    10. Makara—Capricorn
    11. Kumbha—Aquarius
    12. Meena—Pisces

    Within the course of one year, the Sun moves through the circle of 12 Rasis. Hence, it takes about one month to pass through one Rasi. Obviously, the 12 Zodiac signs or Rasis are the key elements of Vedic Horoscope.

    Benefits Of Knowing Your Vedic Moon Sign

    Nowadays, thanks to the online Psychic services, every seeker is able to find their own Moon signs simply by entering the required information namely birthday, birth time, birth city, and even birth country in a form.

    Self-reflection via the Vedic glasses is one of the most accurate ways to gain the unique and fresh perspective on the past, the present, and the future circumstances. What is your Moon sign? Merely access a Vedic site to explore yourself profoundly! Besides, it is available to figure out your sign compatibility with the others’.

    Thankfully, the ones who have consulted the Vedic can come prepared to life with the clear head about their inborn strengths and weaknesses. Along with that, they will know how to socialize more effectively than ever.

    In order to receive the exact divination, the seekers are asked to provide the exact days of birth which lead to the correct positions of the Rasis and planets in their own natal charts. The Charts are the compelling sources for predictive interpretation. Besides, the genuine astrologers also incorporate their personal knowledge into their divination. The moment the Chart was drawn up is the time when you were born.

    By examining the Indian maps of the heavens comprising Zodiac signs, planets, and house placements, the astrologers can discern much information about the seekers’ personality and fortune. Based on your birthday, your Vedic chart may most likely represent your current life on the earth associated with a variety of good and bad times.

    The Vedic Moon sign also lets you know the timeline when the significant life events will occur in the high degree of accuracy. In this case, every individual can do nothing better than getting themselves ready for the events while making some necessary arrangements. It is time to enjoy life without any touch of fear or bewilderment.

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