History Of Tarot Cards

It is believed that the word “Tarot” have had its origin from the Arab word “Turuq” with the meaning of 4 ways. Generally, Tarot card are availed in many parts of Europe for playing card games and divination. The earliest use of these cards can be found in the 14th century. Actually, the popularity of Tarot cards for divination has been as old as the centuries ago.

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A brief history of Tarot cards

Initially, Tarot cards were utilized to play the card game called Tarocchi. According to some olden theories, these cards were made up about 1410 to 1430 in Northern Italy, and in the later period, some further trump cards were added to the suit. These new cards were considered as the Triumph cards. At that time, the game of Triumphs gained in popularity over the Northern religions of Italy and the Eastern France. Of course, they had to undergo the certain change about the symbols and pictures depicted on them. After that, these cards soon became popular in Austria, Sicily and Germany.

History Of Tarot Cards

After hundreds of years from then, those who put their trust in the occult began to recognize Tarot cards as the means of Fortune Telling. The English and French people were very interested in finding out the meanings of the mystical and supernatural symbolism on these cards. This can be one of the signs that make Tarot cards be used as the divine tools till nowadays.

In some countries, most civil governments have banned using the playing cards, but the Tarot cards were be known as an exception. This can make evident in the acceptance of these powerful cards.

Antoine Course – formerly a Protestant pastor – was considered as the first person who started the interpretation of Tarot cards. In 1781, he began to write a speculative history depicting the use of Tarot cards for divine purpose. It is supposed that Gypsies were the first ones who used these cards for Fortune Telling.

Aliette – a French occultist – introduced the concept of availing Tarot cards for disclosing the occult. To do this, he did not hesitate to design the first Tarot deck. His design contained some Egyptian motifs and the addition of astrological ascriptions to the cards. Besides, he added the divinatory meanings to the texts on these cards.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, lots of occultists and mystics started to use Tarot cards. Honestly, their use began after the study on the religious symbolism. They realized that besides the game card purpose, the symbolic imagery on these cards had different meanings and interpretations. Up to now, Tarot cards have been popularly used as the tools for divination.

Some valuable tips on reading Tarot cards

One of the obvious points here is that we have to get a better understanding of Tarot cards’ significances if we want to carry out Tarot readings. Try to learn their meanings from the professional readers, Internet or books. In addition, it will be a good idea for us to understand what a deck of such the occult cards consists of.

Cards of Major Arcana symbolize the concepts, principles and ideas while the cards of Minor Arcana represent many events in our daily life. To get the grip about these cards’ significances, we should remember something below:

  • The suit of Wands (Air): represents concepts, ideas, enlightenment, thoughts and communication.
  • The suit of Swords (Fire): stands for motivation, action, conflict, power and force.
  • The suit of Cups (Water): indicates feelings, emotions, compassion and language.
  • The suit of Pentacles (Earth): symbolizes the physical creation, manifestation and physical expression in the world.

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